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Review Wednesday: Blood Machines

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Watching Blood Machines, I couldn’t stop wishing that it were part of a new anthology in the spirit of Heavy Metal. There’s a ship that is being chased by a bigger ship, and when the smaller ship crashes… things get a little weird. From there, it’s mostly just cool visuals that are held together by the thinnest of plots. That’s ok though, the amazing visuals and an incredible darksynth soundtrack more than make up for it. It really felt like a horror/sci-fi graphic novel brought to life by someone who loves the audio/visual experiments created in the demoscene of the 90’s. It’s like it was custom made for me, and I want to see more from these creators.

The visual style had elements of Giger and Cronenberg blended with Warhammer 40k and soaked in a vapor wave color palette that blends perfectly with the music and gritty mood of the world that the filmmmakers have created. The ship and weapon designs especially grabbed me, and made it clear that technology in this universe is more organic than what we’re used to. More of a tryptich art piece than a traditional film or series, it also made me think of what might happen if Gaspar Noé were more interested in something a bit more pulpy and action-oriented than what he usually takes on. There were several scenes that reminded me of Climax or Lux Æterna, but not quite so concerned with being considered capital-A Art as those films are.

All-in-all, Blood Machines was tons of fun for the hour or so it took to watch through all three short episodes. If your idea of a good time is something that could be compared to an R-rated Daft Punk video, then you should check it out. Currently streaming on Shudder.

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